Luna Theater Company’s Flexible Season Subscription

Luna Theater Company

620 South 8th Street | Philadelphia, PA


  • A season subscription where you will see three great performances
  • Featuring A Clockwork Orange, The Pillowman, and Brainpeople
  • Stories for an adventurous audience!


Luna Theater Company presents its 2013/14 season, “Once Upon a Time”, at its new & permanent home in the Bella Vista neighborhood in the Parish House of the Church of the Crucifixion (620 S. 8th St.)


You will be haunted by these three gut-wrenching pieces that distort our understanding of the past, present and future!


“A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess (October 19th- November 9th)

In this unique Commedia dell’arte inspired piece that incorporates masks, music and movement, Alex and his vicious gang of Droogs wreak merciless violence wherever they turn. Eventually, however, this unmitigated violence leads to murder—with Alex inadvertently taking the fall. Once in prison, Alex is forced to make a choice; he must either remain locked-up or be released back into the world and face the loss of everything he enjoys.


“The Pillowman” by Martin McDonagh (January 18th- February 8th)

In this dark, uncomfortably witty tale of life imitating art, Katurian, the author of grisly short stories, has been called into question regarding a slew of child murders—murders which horrifyingly resemble those depicted within his works. Katurian will do anything to preserve the existence of these stories—even at the expense of this own life.


“Brainpeople” by Jose Rivera (May 3rd- May 24th)

On an eerie, post-apocalyptic night not unlike many that have come before it, an heiress invites two women into her abode to share a meal on the anniversary of her parent’s death. What is revealed is the unique and bizarre loneliness and isolation each woman possesses, which also threatens to take possession of them.

The Luna Theater Company has received praise for its past seasons. Join for this upcoming season that is sure to be just as impressive, featuring three incredible plays.

The deal is valid only for tickets on the date[s] of the event as listed and may not be exchanged or redeemed for any other dates.We will refund your voucher within 24 hours of purchase for any reason. We will refund your voucher if the event is cancelled or rescheduled. No refunds are available after the event has passed. Groups wishing to sit together must have 1 customer purchase all [tickets OR vouchers] for group; subject to availability. If you desire to transfer your tickets to someone else, you may do so by contacting the organization's ticketing office at least 1 day after your purchase. Ticket transfers are subject to availability. Purchaser must pick up tickets(s) at Will Call prior to show.

1) Reservations are required and subject to availability. Consumer must email to reserve their seats. 2) Enjoy!

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